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Cara Menggunakan Crystall Report Pada VB 6.0

Crystal Report Tutorial Version

It should be pointed out that this version of Crystal Reports is quite old, and that this version and the past versions of Crystal Reports that have shipped with VB are generally "watered down" versions that do not have all the bells and whistles of the standalone product that is sold by Seagate Software. Furthermore, CR 4.6 will not work with MS-Access databases higher than Access 97. That said, what you learn about designing reports with CR 4.6 will help when working with later versions. Regarding the MS-Access issue, later versions of Access (2000, 2002, etc.) can read and save in Access 97 format.

Installing VB6 Crystal Reports 4.6

Crystal Reports 4.6 is bundled with Visual Studio/Visual Basic 6.0, but it is not installed automatically. To install it manually, locate the CRYSREPT folder on your installation CD รข€“ for Visual Studio 6.0, the path is COMMON\TOOLS\VB\CRYSREPT on the third CD. In that folder, double-click the file CRYSTL32.EXE. You will be asked if you want to install Crystal Reports. Respond Yes. It will then tell you where it is going to install CR; you can override the location if desired. Following that, CR will be installed, and a few moments later you should get a message indicating that installation was successful.

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