Selasa, 08 Oktober 2013

BBQScreen 2.1.2 apk + Get App OS

  • FAST
BBQScreen is the first app to show your phone's screen on your computer at a full 25 images per second.
Open the app on your Android device, turn it on. Open the client app, type the IP, click Connect. You're done.
Our client app works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Just download it and run it.

How To Run Aplikasi

  1. Install BBQScreen in android
  2. Install BBQScreen in PC 
  3. Wifi Tethering Aktif , (the same wifi network)
  4. Open BBQScreen in android 
  5. Open BBQScreen in PC
  6. Equate IP network on Android devices

Showcase your app. Spread the word.

Show how your app works, show your content, all of this in real-time. Whether you want to show what you've done to your client, your teacher, or a friend, don't make them look at your tiny phone's screen, show it on your bigger PC screen or a videoprojector (not provided).

Show your family pictures. On the big screen.

Don't have your USB cable? No way to transfer your pictures? Show them on the spot with your phone, do gestures on them, and display it on your PC.


Landscape or portrait?

Landscape tablet, or portrait phone, it just works, and rotates automatically according to your device's orientation. Clean and simple.



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